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Panamericana is an innovative and dynamic company dedicated to lead the construction industry in ground breaking techniques and products. The extensive use of “green” and recyclable materials is the core of our concept. Healthier, more energy efficient and yet structurally superior constructions is the target we aim to achieve. Through a methodical and profound research of the appropriate partners, today, we’re able to offer such innovative products and techniques. We can develop 100% green structures with superior thermal and technological characteristics maintaining a competitive price point in today’s marketplace.

What We Do

We specialize in innovative developments projects with preference to steel structures for residential, commercial and industrial developments.
We feature a unique construction technology in cold formed light gauge steel. Ideal for fast and versatile erection of residential and light commercial structure. Easy and practical to use, aimed to optimize labor and material costs.The extreme simplicity of the system allow us to erect any structure without the necessity of highly skilled labor without the extensive use of heavy equipment, even in multi stores structures.
All our buildings are engineered to meet the strongest seismic and wind load resistance and they do not require any modification or cutting on the job site.
The exterior and interior finish can be completed with all the conventional materials available, minimizing waste almost to nothing.
Our red iron division can design, produce and develop any size project from the typical industrial workshop to the metropolitan high rise building.
Our technique optimize the construction process and the application of finishing materials considerably reducing waste.

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Our offices are conveniently located in three countries and our friendly and professional associates will be able to assist you with any inquiry you may have.
Contact us at our info address at the bottom of the page and we’ll direct you to the nearest office in your area.